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In praise of sloe gin

Near me are some woods and sloes grow there. Sloes are an intensely purple/blue fruit protected with vicious spikes. This year looks like a good harvest. But you need to be patient- they ripen very late and need a frost … Continue reading

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Robin O’mallet

Got some DIY to do today. My wife is nervous – itĀ involves a loft ladder and some scary tools. The ones that scare her most are the big hammer and the big power drill. She has a fear that the … Continue reading

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Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon are a genius band! This is their new single “Radioactive”. Interesting because they come from Tennessee – three brothers and their cousin. The father of the brothers was a preacher and must have given them some … Continue reading

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Libraries and Frank Skinner

This was from the Guardian: “Do you believe in a well-funded, free library service? The comedian Frank Skinner doesn’t. Writing in the Times last week, he sneered at old black and white images of cloth-capped workers educating themselves for free. … Continue reading

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