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Distant galaxy emerges from ‘cosmic fog’

Galaxy UDFy-38135539 is the most distant object ever discovered   Scientists have discovered the most distant galaxy yet observed from Earth. Dr Mark Swinbank of the Institute for Computational Cosmology has suggested how light from the galaxy is almost as … Continue reading

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Granola with a wow!

Mini Magoo*s is in Borough Market in London. They do breakfast. Their breakfast cereals are magnificent. Last time we got two granolas – ginger (for me) and orange (for my Susie). They are delightful – we are eating them too … Continue reading

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Borough Market, London

    The zinger from the “Organic Juice Bar” is awesome! This is from the Borough Market web site: “Borough Market is London’s most renowned food market; a source of exceptional British and international produce. Since its renaissance as a … Continue reading

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This morning I saw a kingfisher…..

The every morning walk with my companion dog Rio. He fixed on squirrels me on interesting nature and weather.  I looked over the stone balustrade above the river as I have done for the last 100 mornings and there it was the … Continue reading

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The best of the (Guardian) books blog poets

The brilliant Guardian Books Blog has attracted so many great poems that the best now appear in a book called “Everyone’s Sense of the World Is Invaluable”. Because I love the Lakes and William Wordsworth this one really attracted me: Wm Wordsworth … Continue reading

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The end of summer has some brilliant rewards

Wonderful autumn pictures from the Guardian. There are some words around a golf course where I walk my dog. It is amazing just now full of fungi and mushrooms – never seen so many. So while he pretends to hunt … Continue reading

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Gliese 581G

There is a new planet that has strong similarities to earth as well as some crucial differences. A team of planet hunters spotted the alien world circling a red dwarf star called Gliese 581, 20 light years away. The planet is in … Continue reading

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