The best of the (Guardian) books blog poets

The brilliant Guardian Books Blog has attracted so many great poems that the best now appear in a book called “Everyone’s Sense of the World Is Invaluable”. Because I love the Lakes and William Wordsworth this one really attracted me:

Wm Wordsworth Leaves Grasmere to Find a Supermarket

by Freepoland

Feet! That oft o’er Loughrigg Fell have trod

In search of berries, bright against the sod,

And plodged ‘mid Grasmere’s reeds for stewing pike,
Now bear me forth past Thirlmere, irksome hike.

Legs! Now take me further, ‘neath Helvellyn‘s shade,
To Keswick, on, to where a proper pasty’s made.
I must declare that I have had my lot
Of leaden pyes and puddings made by sister Dot.

Boots! As you convey me o’er these paths so rocky,
My heart leaps up at thoughts of handmade gnocchi,
Of parmesan, of Belgian chocs, of tiram’su,
And, sister dear, I’m leaving none for you.

Socks! That now ooze moisture where the toes have gone,
I’ll soon replace you at the Outdoor Zone;
I’ll buy new boots with warming Gore-Tex lined;
And leave that foolish scribbling lark behind.

Grasmere poetry day


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Love my family, my dog and my friends especially my fellow Superheroes. Love the Lake District in any weather especially the high and scary places. Love to work with enthusiastic people to move them and/or me and/or our businesses forward. Also love music (curious selection), learning, books and warm places. France is special as are Istanbul and New York.
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