Snow and fireworks

We have had lots of snow and cold in the build up to Christmas. I like snow – I like the cold blue intensity of the sky after snow. I like the silence that snow brings and the way it absorbs those background noises that distract. My family like snow and my dog loves to run and bounce around it. When I walk in snow, especially falling snow my inner child comes out to play. I don’t know how many facets my inner child has or how simple or complex it is. I do know that there is a light and there is a shade. Some things make him happy and others sad. Snow is definitely happy! I smile, my mood lightens and I want to share the pleasure of snow with everyone I meet. I know it can be bad for transport and heating and stuff but….. Fireworks do the same. I went with my son and his partner to a huge display at Alton Towers in October and I was transfixed. The magical way the sound and the light arrive at different times and the way those huge rockets seem to distort space. I just love it and I love the way I feel transported to a happy and magical place. I guess we all have access to our inner child but they probably suffer from neglect in many of us. The gift of the joy of that child is immense as is the power of remembering how to be delighted in simple pleasure.Next time you feel engaged by something simple and childlike relax and let it happen revel in that joy and make yourself young again. You never know you may wake up happier and younger the next day.


About riosdogblog

Love my family, my dog and my friends especially my fellow Superheroes. Love the Lake District in any weather especially the high and scary places. Love to work with enthusiastic people to move them and/or me and/or our businesses forward. Also love music (curious selection), learning, books and warm places. France is special as are Istanbul and New York.
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